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Customer Experience Benchmarking

Customer Experience Benchmarking: Elevate & Differentiate

Discover the next echelon of network performance through our transformative network quality benchmarking services. While conventional metrics remain integral, our true distinction lies in emphasizing the tangible customer experience. From video streaming to high-octane gaming and dynamic OTT applications, we ensure a comprehensive assessment of your network’s caliber.

Why Opt for MSI’s Experience Benchmarking?
Beyond Just Numbers:

The heart of our benchmarking isn’t just metrics but the customer sentiment. We dive deep to understand and elevate every interaction they have with your network, ensuring optimal experiences across all touchpoints.

Modern-Day Appraisal:

Our evaluative lens extends beyond the norm, encompassing a spectrum of contemporary digital services. By gauging facets like gaming responsiveness or streaming fluidity, we offer insights that truly resonate with today’s user expectations.

Competitive Insights with ‘Insight’:

Harness the power of our proprietary tool, Insight, to get a holistic view. Dive into the depths of competitor configurations and performances, arming you with strategies to truly stand out.

Adherence to Gold Standards:

Our commitment isn’t limited to setting trends. We faithfully adhere to ETSI TR 103 559, ensuring our evaluations and recommendations are in line with cutting-edge industry benchmarks.

Our Approach Unveiled:

At MSI, precision isn’t just a principle; it’s a practice. Each facet, from call clarity to video streaming fluency, undergoes rigorous assessment, ensuring your network’s performance isn’t just on par, but paramount.

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